Hi, my name is Imari Sekajipo. I’m a first-generation Liberian American who grew up in Tampa, Fl, and Accra, Ghana.

I developed a passion for real estate instantly when I was introduced to WholeSelling in 2019. As a person who has always had a passion for helping people, I realized that I not only wanted to be an investor, but I also wanted to show and assist others on the path to building wealth with real estate. Thus becoming an Investor Realtor.

I am also a Certified Credit Specialist and a Creative Financing Consultant. I specialize in working with first-time (as well as seasoned) investors and first-time home buyers. Emphasizing on educating & connecting my clients with resources to help them succeed.

I also pride myself on providing the most pleasant experience possible. Contact me today and let me help you!



Imari Sekajipo

Investor Realtor
1st Time Investor/Homebuyer Agent
Credit Specialist/Creative Financing Consultant

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